Why Movies Are Boring

Before we begin arguing, let me end it right here, right now. Answer the questions I ask you and ponder over them for a while. How many times have you gone for a movie? Probably thousands of times but how many did you really enjoy? Many of us just watch movies to stay in the loop and know the hottest topic everyone is talking about. But isn’t movie all about entertainment?However, many people have now realized that far from being entertaining, movies are actually boring. We all end up shelling out so much money for just an hour and a half of entertainment and that too only if lady luck is on our side. Many times, we come back from the theatre cursing the directors for the excellent promotions of an awful movie.

What’s more, we find ourselves sitting in uncomfortable chairs and missing the most crucial dialogue just because your neighbor forgot to switch his cell on to the silent mode. You just wish that you had a remote control in your hand so that you could rewind the movie but that is not to be. This whole process is somewhat strange considering the fact that millions of people go through it over and over again.Not watching a movie, to me personally, is a better idea as it saves on a lot of time during which I can do something worthwhile and of course, if the movie is really as good as it promises to be then I’m all for watching it but in the comfortable arms of my couch. Try this idea for a change and let me know whether it changed the way you thought before.