Enjoy Sumptuous Delicacies and Entertaining

Cheap international flights generally come with several compromises and demand flexibility in terms of choice of date, time and on-board amenities. Travellers are suggested to be flexible with time and dates while booking air tickets to enhance the chances of getting lower costs on airfare. This cuts down a lot of travel expense and helps people in saving a considerable amount of money. It is always good to save money and being a little flexible with date and time of travel is acceptable. However, compromising with in-flight facilities, especially during long-haul journeys becomes uncomfortable and improper on-board amenities might lead to health ailments like jet lag, stress, headache and nausea. Basic facilities like ample legroom, adequate seat-pitch and proper lumbar support are essential for a pleasant flying experience.

China Southern Airlines is one such carrier, which not only provides proper seating design in all aircraft but it also goes an extra mile by offering sumptuous dining and in-flight entertainment services. This airline is the fourth largest in terms of domestic passenger traffic and among leading international carriers in the world. Operating flights to more than 190 destinations across about 35 different countries, this carrier maintains a mixed fleet of over 400 aircraft. It also has codeshare agreements with leading carriers, such as Qantas, Malaysia Airlines and West Jet. The main hubs of the carrier are located at Beijing Capital International Airport and Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport. It offers Premium First, Economy and Premium Economy cabins. All classes are appointed with state-of-the-art amenities and high-end facilities.

Economy Class cabins of this airline are replete with an array of amenities offering a pleasant flying experience on cheap tickets. The carrier takes proper care of the fact that cross-continental long-haul journeys and even mid-haul journeys do not become tiring. It is important that the aircraft are provided with proper amenities and the carrier offers sumptuous dining options on-board. Passengers flying with this carrier can savour eclectic culinary delights of China and other delectable dishes of international cuisines. Freshly brewed beverages, including tea, cappuccino and cold coffee are served to fliers in air. The well-trained professional crew of the airline also serves refreshing drinks like lemonade, soft drinks, beer and whisky to passengers.

The airline also takes care of in-flight entertainment by providing top nosh facilities. In-built LCD monitors, which displays an array of entertainment shows, movies and music videos are available in selected aircraft. Earphones are provided on demand, and latest publications of magazines as well as journals are also available on board. Selected flights are provided with special facilities like the Sky Book House – the on-air library, Game Bar – the in-flight gaming zone replete with games like billiards and chess, and Music Space, where fliers can enjoy folk, classic and contemporary songs. Other amenities include Sky Cinema, Shy Theatre and Sky TV where passengers have access to thousands of shows, movies, documentaries and music videos. China Southern Airlines is one such airline, which provides comfortable and entertainment-filled and pleasant flying experience.