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Why Movies Are Boring

Before we begin arguing, let me end it right here, right now. Answer the questions I ask you and ponder over them for a while. How many times have you gone for a movie? Probably thousands of times but how many did you really enjoy? Many of us just watch movies to stay in the loop and know the hottest topic everyone is talking about. But isn’t movie all about entertainment?However, many people have now realized that far from being entertaining, movies are actually boring. We all end up shelling out so much money for just an hour and a half of entertainment and that too only if lady luck is on our side. Many times, we come back from the theatre cursing the directors for the excellent promotions of an awful movie.

What’s more, we find ourselves sitting in uncomfortable chairs and missing the most crucial dialogue just because your neighbor forgot to switch his cell on to the silent mode. You just wish that you had a remote control in your hand so that you could rewind the movie but that is not to be. This whole process is somewhat strange considering the fact that millions of people go through it over and over again.Not watching a movie, to me personally, is a better idea as it saves on a lot of time during which I can do something worthwhile and of course, if the movie is really as good as it promises to be then I’m all for watching it but in the comfortable arms of my couch. Try this idea for a change and let me know whether it changed the way you thought before.

Movies And Games

Recently I decided to begin downloading some movies to watch during the summer rerun season. I began searching for the best deal available. I had thought of the movie rental places, but their stock is by nature limited to what is most popular. And their prices are not so cheap either. My tastes are somewhat different and what I am looking for is rarely stocked.

My ideas about entertaining movies are more along the lines of movies made many years ago – musicals, mysteries, comedies. Strange isn’t it how for so many years comedians could tell jokes for hours – and receive standing ovations – without uttering a single curse word and without the inference that one person is somehow inferior to another. Those days may not have been the perfect ones, but at least families could find really entertaining movies to go to together with no chance of anyone being offended or denigrated.

But not anymore! If you are lucky enough, you might be able to sit through five or ten minutes of a movie without being subjected to a flurry of curse words or someone’s naked butt sticking out at you from the screen. Thanks, but no thanks! I’m old enough that I have already heard (and used) all those words and I know what they mean so there is no fascination in hearing them for me. And I’ve seen my own butt often enough in the mirror that I am able to recognize one when I see it, so I don’t feel the need to see anyone else’s.

Imagine my surprise and pleasure when I found a site which offers unlimited downloading opportunities for more than 80 million DVD quality movies. Of course the service has a cost – just as with everything in life. But that one time cost was less than $35 for unlimited access and unlimited downloading. How many rentals could you get for that? And, you don’t need to drive to the rental store in a blizzard or a rain storm. What a selection these people have! They offered both old and very new movies; I even found movies that I had enjoyed watching with my parents when I was a child. Very good memories indeed!

Warner Bros Movies Reviews

Movies are the key element of entertainment for many people. There are obviously many reasons for popularity of movies but above all reasons the most important is that movies provide a type of entertainment that is matchless with any other type of entertainment. Movie is a long and lengthy process and these days, million of dollars are spent to make a movie so we can say that movie making is a business which involves huge investments.

There are thousands of companies around the world that makes hundreds of movies every year but not all movies made by these companies get international attention and fame. But most of the movies produced by Warner Bros get the popularity not only in United States but internationally. The main reason behind the getting international popularity by these films is that these are made keeping in view the general interest of viewers around the world and secondly, as mentioned earlier, huge investment also make it possible to make the movies extra ordinary.

The latest addition in some of the most successful movies by Warner Bros is The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Although the movie finished top at the box office in its first week after release on Dec 10th but still it didn’t able to capture business in the volume which was captured by earlier two films of the series. There is no doubts there huge spending were made in making of newest Narnia movie but it didn’t live up to its predecessors or expectations and because of slow box office start of the movie, it maybe the end of Narnia series but it next few weeks are though very important for the makers as these will decide of the future ventures of the series.